11 April 2020

My favourite recipes for “lockdown” baking

It’s no surprise, since going into lockdown everyone’s been at home baking. I know this because flour, yeast and most other baking supplies are sold out pretty much everywhere. I’ve been baking to the point where I’m starting to get concerned about fitting back into my pre-lockdown clothes, but that’s okay ... let’s just focus on keeping busy, staying healthy and staying sane!

I’ve also been spending way too much time in the kitchen, that I’m starting to think of budget ways I can update my kitchen and have spent way too much time on Pinterest. I’m sharing some of my fav kitchen designs from Pinterest below. You can see all of my kitchen renovation inspiration pins on Pinterest here!

Here’s what I’ve been baking lately:

Bless This Mess Sourdough Bread
I’ve wanted to start a sourdough for so long, but time was never on my side. Being home every day I was able to start and feed a sourdough to the point where I have already gotten two amazing loaves of bread from it. Unfortunately now I am out of all-purpose flour, so until the next time I can find some, our carb overload will need to be on hold. But, I absolutely love the way Bless This Mess explains how to make your own starter at home (read that here), and her video for simple sourdough was so helpful for someone who has literally never baked bread before. Check it out here!

Nourish with Jass Refined Sugar-free Cookies
I love her recipes because they are always really healthy but really delicious. I used this recipe but swapped the chocolate chips with mini eggs for Easter Sunday, and yum — they were delicious!

Blissful Basil Vegan Almond Butter Squares
This is my new favourite recipe for a healthy snack. They’re rich in flavour but packed with fibre and are refined sugar-free. I’ve made this recipe twice already and will probably have to make more this week - they’re definitely a favourite around here.

Live Simply Almond Flour Banana Bread
There’s a big joke about everyone baking banana bread during lockdown, well this banana bread is a regular staple in our house. Tyler loves to enjoy it with his morning coffee, and I love it because it’s a great way to get rid of the half-rotten bananas that I never seem to get through during the week. This recipe is completely gluten-free, refined sugar-free and very moist. So moist I recommend storing it in the fridge! I also recommend adding walnuts or chocolate chips to make it even better.

Against All Grain Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Unfortunately for this one you’ll need a cookbook, but honestly it’s worth it. Danielle Walker’s Meals Made Simple cookbook is one of my favourites, and this recipe for Carrot Cake Cupcakes can be found inside. I make this cupcake recipe often (rotating between banana bread and this!) since carrot cake it my favourite, and this is a healthy substitution. If you want to make it, you can shop the cookbook here, and the recipe can be found on page 286. Tip: Skip the icing for a muffin-like recipe, and for special occasions add the icing to sweeten it up!

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