18 February 2020

The cutest shops in Fort Langley

I love Fort Langley. I was in Fort Langley last spring, while visiting my brother and sister-in-law, and thought it was just the sweetest little town filled with so many cute shops. I was just looking through my photos from last year, since we are planning to visit again this May, and thought I’d share some of my favourite shops in the Fort Langley area.

As someone who lives in the suburbs of Toronto, I love finding little gems outside of the downtown core. Vancouver is no different, I LOVE downtown Vancouver, and have found so many amazing places in the core, but the suburbs of Vancouver are just as amazing. Fort Langley was one of my favourite towns outside of Vancouver, and I can’t wait to share some of my favourite little shops in the area.

Little White House and Co.

The sweetest house with the sweetest shop, and the yummiest restaurant on-site. Despite loving the brunch I enjoyed here with my sisters and Mom, I also had a blast looking through their their shop. They carry the cutest selection of home goods, mixed with adorable pastel-coloured clothing. I love following the shop on Instagram, as they often get new items and you can shop online if you don’t live nearby!

Chuckling Duckling Farm

In the midst of transitioning to a waste-free lifestyle, I stumbled upon Chuckling Duckling Farm and fell immediately in love. I was amazed to see some of my favourite home cleaning brands (like Sapadilla), but in refillable formats. While bulk stores are definitely on the rise in Toronto, it was in Vancouver where I first discovered these — which makes sense since the West Coast has always been ahead of us as far as “eco” options go! Chuckling Duckling also offers cute soap-making classes, a great idea for a bachelorette party, and other workshops! Check out their site for more on the workshops they offer.


If you love home decor as much as me, you’ll love Livingroom in Fort Langley. It was here that I discovered my love of Fort Candle Co. candles, soy-based candles made in the area! They also have some really sweet eclectic home design pieces that can transform your home. But one of my favourite finds were these little clay herb tags!

Maven Fort Langley

Maven is another little shop with plenty to offer — from locally made leather bags, to planters, knick knacks and paper goods, it’s stocked with tons of local goodies. If there was on thing I learned in Vancouver, it’s that so many awesome entrepreneurs live here, and local shops are extremely supportive stocking mostly local goodies.

Little Donkey

Little Donkey is a beer and burrito joint in downtown Fort Langley. They have a great list of beers to try and delicious burritos! It was here that I learned that burrito means “little donkey” in Spanish — Mind. Blown.

The Passionate Home

Not technically in Fort Langley, but in Langley proper is this awesome home store The Passionate Home. I fell in love with the aesthetic of the store and everything it offered — some jewelry, some beauty products and of course amazing home goods including very cute welcome mats! I couldn’t leave this off the list since it’s only a 5-10 min drive from Fort Langley. I fell in love with this candle votive (image below) which would be great for burning my mini Fort Candle Co. candles in!


The Local Space

Another shop in Langley City, The Local Space is exactly what it says it is. A shop dedicated to selling local goodies from local entrepreneurs. One of my favourite brands, k’pure is sold here. A clean, natural skincare brand from the West Coast. This shop also stocks Brunette the Label, Native shoes (the cutest waterproof shoes!) and State of Grace goodies.

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