20 September 2023

I'm back! Life updates and more.


I'm back! It's been almost a year and a half since I've written a post but better late than never. In the past year we MOVED, B grew A LOT and we started a business. I also went back to work full-time, gained some new freelance clients, and ya, life has been BUSY. Simply Sera sorta fell on the back burner but over the past few months I've realized how much I miss it.

If you follow on Instagram, you know that I started a new account. Nice and FRESH (with not many followers, so hit ya girl up and press FOLLOW if you don't already!). I've still been active on Pinterest, Postmark and LTK, so that hasn't changed. Anyways, life really just became about work and trying to be a good mom, and I think everyone who IS a mom knows that it's really easy to put things that are for YOU on the back burner so you can take care of everything else. But, it's a new season (hello fall!) and I'm all about making changes when you need to, and I think it's about time I start doing things for ME.

So welcome back to Simply Sera. I don't think it'll be much different than it was before. Lots of clean living tips, travel guides, minimalist tips (I CAN help you declutter!) and maybe a little Niagara content as well.

We moved!

If you missed it, we moved to Niagara last June. We love it here so much. On my Instagram I share a lot of our favourite places in Niagara so follow along there for local tips and secret spots we love! Especially if you're a parent, we share a lot of kid-friendly places because we love to bring B everywhere with us! He is such a good kid, he makes it easy to tote him around (for the most part!).


I've always been all about taking care of myself. My mom jokes that my house is like walking into a health food store. I did yoga regularly, was into pilates, didn't drink much (not at all anymore!), didn't drink coffee, ate well[ish], etc. But it was really easy in the heat of motherhood, plus working full-time, moving, trying to maintain friendships, be a good wife, etc. to stop taking care of myself. At the end of August I had a health scare (still waiting on some tests and results), but since then I've really turned things around and gotten back on the wellness train. I am seeing a physiotherapist, naturopath, and many other health care professionals in order to get back on track. My diet has changed significantly, and I am slowly trying to add more exercise back into my routine. I will share more about this in the coming weeks / months.

Anyways, this was just a quick HELLO to get the ball rolling again. Stay tuned because I am already working on a 30A travel guide, a weekend guide to Southampton, Ontario, and some PDF checklists to help you keep your house CLEAN and CLUTTER-FREE all year long. I have some healthy fall recipes to share on Instagram (I don't want this to be a food blog!) and of course, if there is anything you want to see then please just ask.

See you soon!

xo, S

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