26 May 2018

Glamping Survival Kit

By now you probably know all about our annual family camping trip. For me it started out as a weekend getaway. But, as our relationship grew and I began to realize how important this tradition is to Tyler, I've spent more and more time there each year--even though camping is NOT my thing!

This year we are going for NINE days. Nine days in a tent? Sure, no problem.

You know, over the years I have become quite the expert at "glamping". I refuse to call it camping because we have electricity, showers and a tent large enough to sleep two families. I'm so excited this year because I spent the winter hunting down the best necessities to make our camping trip even more enjoyable for me.

Much like last year, everything in my survival kit is meant to make camping easier and more enjoyable for someone who isn't used to "roughing it". This year I took it a step further to make sure all of the products on my list are clean, safe and good for the environment. I am so excited to share this with you. Here it is ... my Glamping Survival Kit!
Biodegradable Wipes
Beautycounter Founder, Gregg Renfrew, refused to make a wipe unless she knew it was biodegradable. Months and months of research went into perfecting this wipe and the result is amazing. You don't require any water to remove all (and I mean ALL) of your makeup, and in a pinch I'd say you could even go without moisturizer after using these since they are nondrying.
Biodegradable Shampoo and Conditioner
These were the first two products I fell in love with from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. and I am so so excited that this company is now opening storefronts in TORONTO! No more meeting shipping minimums for this gal! (Although it was never hard for me to reach the $75 mark for free shipping). Anyways, as much as I am a love of clean products for MY OWN health, I am also extremely worried about the earth's ecosystems and wildlife, so if you're going to shower in the lake, or in facilities that likely drain into the lake, please please please use biodegradable shampoo and save our fishies!
Clean Deodorant
Have I raved enough about Native Deodorant yet? I keep ordering new scents just to smell them, they all smell SO good! If you are questioning the price tag, know that I have been using the same bar since January and am not even close to being done yet. Less is more with these essential oil-infused deodorant bars. And if you're a skeptic in natural deodorant, think again. These babies WORK and they work well. Trust me, I've tested them in 90-minute hot yoga classes, during weekends without hot water AND in high stress situations at work. Buy one--you won't be disappointed.
Healthy Sunscreen
So many popular sunscreens are so jam packed with toxins, I'd almost rather you go into the sun without sunscreen. When shopping for sun protection, it's in your best interest to look for SAFE ingredients like zinc oxide. I have tried so many brands of clean sunscreen and my top 3 are Beautycounter, ThinkSport/ThinkBaby and Green Beaver. I found Green Beaver to be slightly greasy so I wouldn't put it on my face, but the ThinkBaby stick was perfect for the sensitive skin on my face. The new Beautycounter Countersun collection is selling like crazy right now. Before they repackaged and released the new mist, it was already one of my best sellers. It is jam packed with minerals, healthy oils, aloe, and smells amazing. It isn't the slightest bit greasy and the same bottle is safe enough for the entire family AND my face. I love a good all-in-one, especially when camping!
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF
I know the feeling of wanting to feel human even when you are camping, and human for me is not shedding light on my horrible acne scars. So I like to incorporate a little coverage into my morning camp routine. The Beautycounter Dew Skin tinted moisturizer is so amazing. It has enough coverage that it hides my scars but also tricks the world into thinking I am makeup-free! It is light, moisturizing and provides SPF 20 sun protection!
If you're like me and refuse to tan your face--wrinkles are not something I want to face - then you'll love the Beautycounter Matte Bronzer. It's natural and leaves your face matching the rest of your body... and makes you feel alive when you didn't get a great sleep due to stormy nights (or midnight bike rides!).
I know many many women who prefer waterproof mascara for camping, or get lash extension to skip this step. But I prefer a mascara that rinses easily since I wash my face in a basin (yup!). It's not cheap, but it's worth the splurge for the Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara. A little goes a long way and the tube has lasted me 4 months already! And when it starts to feel a little dry, I prolong it's life by adding a drop of Lavender Essential Oil to the tube--this brings life back to your mascara AND kills any bacteria trapped in the tube.
Lip Balm
You are outside almost 24-hours per day and even though you don't think so, your lips are braving the elements. Sun, damp morning air, muggy tents, your lips need to stay hydrated. Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm has been my favourite since I discovered it on a trip to LA 4 years ago. I go through about 1 every month. I am currently using the "Naked" scent (aka scent-free) as my lips transition to warmer weather.
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