29 March 2020

Sh!t you shouldn’t have to pay for, ever again, after quarantine

A few weeks ago I was sitting by the pool in Saint Lucia, complaining to my friend Jenny that I didn’t have time to do ANYTHING before our trip so I had to DIY it all. I touched up my own grey roots (thanks to my girl @juliafinklehairstylist for hooking me up with some colour), did my own mani-pedi, wax and spray tan. Now that I’ve been quarantined and everything is closed (and have a lot of free time on my hands), I’m becoming a pro at all things DIY and am LOVING how much money I’m saving. And you should be too! But to be clear, we’ll always need professional hair stylists...

Here’s a list of all the things you should be able to do on your own after quarantine, and the best products for the job:

+Mani-pedi with Essie
I wish I could say I have a clean favourite for nail polish, but before my trip I discovered Essie Gel Couture (it was on sale for $5) and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to try anything else. For years (and I mean like 10+) I was getting shellac done every 3 weeks. It was expensive and toxic, not to mention horrible for my nails. The new Essie Gel Couture is no less toxic, BUT it applies really nicely, dries fast, and lasts two weeks on my nails. Not to mention, when I take it off my nails aren’t horrible weak and ruined. Check out the different shades they have here, and don’t forget to purchase the top coat (essential for long-lasting polish jobs). My favs: Matter of Fiction (pinks) and Pre-Show Jitters (whites).
(Note: Essie Gel Couture is available at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart)

+Hair removal with Parissa
Hair removal has always been something I like to leave to the professionals but with wax spots closed it’s time we learn how to do this ourselves. The cost of a bikini wax is outrageous, add in brows (sorry - we still need professionals for this), upper lip, etc. It gets pricey! At a young age I discovered Parissa Sugar Wax, which now comes in an organic version. The ingredients are very simple, and it’s water soluble so if you get it anywhere you don’t want it, it simply rinses off. I prefer sugar to wax because it’s cleaner, more gentle and super easy to use. Follow Parissa’s guide to sugar wax here, and soon you’ll be an at-home pro too!
(Note: You can buy Parissa products at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart)

+Spray tan with Bondi Sands
Spray tanning at home is so easy. Just make sure you’re starting with clean, exfoliated skin — I exfoliate in the morning with Beautycounter Sugar Body Scrub. Then, at night I wash my face, brush my teeth and get totally ready for bed before starting my spray tan. Using a tanning mitt (essential!) and the BEST spray tanning formula ever — I don’t get paid to say this — Bondi Sands Liquid Gold. I love this formula because it’s buildable, natural-looking and smells amazing. It also doesn’t irritate my skin, which is rare for most self tanners. Apply tanner (liquid or foam formula, both are amazing) in a circular motion all over your body. Wait ten minutes before putting on your pyjamas, then sleep with it on and by morning you’ll be a bronzed babe. If you want to be a bit darker, apply another layer the next night!
(Note: Bondi Sands is now sold at Shoppers Drug Mart)

+Facial with Beautycounter
It’s possible to get professional facial results at home, thanks to clean, hard-working products that perform. I’ve never actually been one for facials, because I don’t trust anyone touching my skin. But I’ve developed the best at-home facial routine and love sharing it. Start with your favourite cleanser (this is mine!), then apply the Beautycounter Charcoal Facial Mask, wait for it to dry and check out all of the gunk coming out of your pores! Post mask, pat the Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence into your pores and before it dries apply a thin layer of the Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel. Let this sit on your skin for a few minutes so it really sets in. You might feel a slight tingle! After 1-2 minutes you’re ready for moisturizer. My go-to moisture combo is one pump of the Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream, with a drop of targeted facial oil. Depending on your skins needs, pick between Plumping, Balancing and Brightening. My fav? Balancing. Apply this combo in an upward motion all over your face and décolletage. Finish with your favourite eye cream and lip conditioner. And always sleep on a silk pillowcase so your cotton one doesn’t absorb the skincare before your skin does!
(Note: If you want to earn FREE Beautycounter products, ask me about hosting an online social so you can really earn a FREE at-home facial!)

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