26 February 2020

Designer looks for less!

I remember when I was young, finding designer dupes was so exciting to me because I couldn't afford the real thing, but I loved keeping up with trends. Now, I'm lucky enough to say I own some really amazing designer pieces, but not EVERYTHING I own is designer. For especially trendy pieces, I almost always look for non-designer dupes. I invest in timeless, quality pieces and "cheap out" on fast fashion!

Gucci Princetown mules vs. Goodnight Macaroon mules
Luxe price: $695 USD
Less price: $80 USD

One of my best dupes to date are a pair of Gucci-like mules I bought at the Guess Factory Store for $24. I am still obsessed with them four years later. That was a trend I thought would die FAST, but it's still going strong ... so strong I might actually buy myself a pair of real Princetown's this year. Last year I searched high and low for the same style in white, but didn't have much luck until I found this almost identical pair on Goodnight Macaroon. Because I won't wear the white as much, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on this trend. These dupes are so comfortable, and amazing quality! They come in black and white, and Goodnight Macaroon almost always has a coupon code for more savings.

Chanel Gabrielle backpack vs. Goodnight Macaroon backpack
Luxe price: $4375 CAD
Less price: $128 USD
I have a vintage Chanel bag, but I'll probably never own another. They are just SO expensive, and my splurging days are behind me. I saw this Gabrielle dupe on a blogger recently and thought it was just SO cute and so practical. I also love that it resembles a bucket bag -- one of my favourite handbag styles!

L*Space Lee Lee bikini top vs. Aerie V bandeau bikini top
Luxe price: $99 USD
Less price: $25 CAD

Before our honeymoon I splurged on an L*Space bikini only to see this spring that every brand is launching a very similar style. Right now Aerie has an amazing swim sale on and this V bandeau bikini top is just $25. Similarly, Aerie has very cute high waisted bikini bottoms that resemble the L*Space Frenchie bikini bottoms. So for what I paid nearly $300 for, you can have for $50 -- win win!

Chanel Deauville tote vs. Goodnight Macaroon tote
Luxe price: $3500 USD
Less price: $88 USD
This Chanel tote is one of my dream bags. In Europe women were using it as a beach tote. When I googled how much it was I was shocked to see what people will pay for canvas beach bags. That said, I still love it, and good for them! Yolo. For the rest of us who think it's insane to spend that, I've found the cutest Goodnight Macaroon dupe for a sliver of the price.

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