31 July 2019

My Favourite Aluminum-free Deodorants

By now you all know I’m on the hunt to find the best natural deodorant. Everyone knows this struggle, and even new brands on the market have been approaching me to try their deodorant and review their product on my Instagram. Deodorant is a serious thing! No one wants to be known as the smelly kid.

In January of 2017, after doing a lot of research, I decided to never use deodorant containing Aluminum again. Aluminum in personal care items is proven to be toxic to the human body and has been linked to cancer and Alzheimers. Besides that, I truly believe that anti-perspirants are unhealthy and unnatural -- you should be sweating out toxins, not stopping yourself from sweating. So for the past year and a half I tried all kinds of aluminum-free, natural deodorants, and here is how I rank the best of the best:

Native was one of the first brands and I tried and to my surprise worked very well. But about 2 weeks in I developed a horrible rash and had to stop using it. Tyler used the Eucalyptus Mint scent and LOVED it and keeps asking me to buy him more. So I definitely suggest this brand especially for men, and anyone without sensitive skin.

Mabrook and Co.
Mabrook and Co. scents were some of my favourite. The Lemon and Rose scent was so good. I liked the way it went on smooth and you didn't need a lot, and it worked throughout even the hottest of 2018's summer days! Definitely a WIN!

Type A
Type A gifted me their "dreamer" deodorant, and while I was obsessed with the applicator and how the product went on, it unfortunately also gave me a really bad rash after just one use. I passed this product onto my sister-in-law, who really likes it. Another win for those without sensitive skin. Also, they have an unscented one that I may try because I really did like the tube applicator!

Live Clean
I really liked the scent-free Live Clean deodorant, and after having so many issues with scented deodorants giving me a rash, this one was a welcome break for my skin. I do find scent-free deodorants can sometimes leave you feeling a little self-conscious but I haven't had any issues with that while using this product.

Green Beaver
I was intrigued by the natural anti-perspirant that Green Beaver was claiming with this product, so I absolutely had to try it. To be honest, I stank within the hour BUT the anti-perspirant action did work. That being said, I'd rather smell good and sweat, than stink and not sweat.

Kaia Naturals
This was one of the first charcoal deodorants I used, and what I love so much about Kaia Naturals is how they educate their clients on the stages of detox that comes with switching to natural deodorant, especially one as strong as the Takesumi Detox Charcoal Deodorant. It's so important to know that when you first make the switch to non-aluminum deodorants, the pores under your arms will need to detox so for the first 4 weeks you could have highs and lows of smelling really rotten, and not smelling at all. That's all part of the process, so if I had to recommend one product to start your natural deodorant journey with, it would be this one!

And finally, the BEST of the best (in my opinion):

This was the only deodorant I tried that I had to put on with my fingers, and to be honest, other than that I have no complaints. Besides the fact that K'Pure is currently my favourite brand and I am OBSESSED with everything I have tried from them so far, the fact that they are Canadian AND their deodorant worked held this product to a high standard in my eyes ... so, let's just say you NEED to try it. The deodorant is super affordable, and I love that you can get a mini first for only $5.50, so you don't have to break the bank and commit to a full-sized product before you now if it will perform. That said, it performed, and I am never turning back from this deodorant (unless it turns its back on me -- and hopefully it doesn't because I have the largest jar!). Hurry up and order some!

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