04 March 2019

York Region's Best Gluten-Free Spots

I've been gluten-free for a year now, I've also been Toronto-free for a year now. Well, not really... I work Downtown during the week so I still get my city fix, but we moved to York Region last January and I've really been trying to embrace the suburban life. Finding little gems outside of the city is one of my favourite pastimes. There is nothing more exciting to me than being able to feel like a city girl, without actually going into the city.

In the past year I've been able to find so many sweet little spots that still cater to my otherwise complicated dietary needs. Here are a few of my favourite gluten-free spots in York Region.

1. The Layered Shop; Nobleton, Ontario
Inside an old home on King Road is Layered Shop, a cute little gluten-free bakery and housewares store. I love the customized products you can get there, like cutting boards and outdoor mats. The real reason I go there though is for the gluten-free cupcakes, which you can't tell are gluten-free. Even Tyler can testify to that - which is rare.

2. Humble Roots Organics; Newmarket, Ontario
Located inside Market and Co. in Upper Canada Mall, Humble Roots is a trendy little pit stop for some amazing healthy warm drinks, smoothies and gluten-free, vegan treats. You can also preorder cakes for special occasions. My favourite item on their menu is the Ginger Chai Tea Latte. Yum! (My only complaint is the black plastic lids they use!)

3. Sorelle and Co.; Maple, Ontario
With two other locations in Toronto, Sorelle and Co. has become a popular spot for gluten-free treats. It's far for me to go to grab treats, but I love going for High Tea. It's such a great spot for birthdays or mother's day, and especially gorgeous to rent out for showers!

4. Nature's Emporium; Newmarket and Woodbridge, Ontario
I have loved the juice bar inside Nature's Emporium Newmarket for years. The Carrot Orange Zinger was my go-to for years, and I still have them make it for me even though it's been taken off their menu. Besides the juice bar, Nature's has a great little salad bar and pizza oven, which both offer organic, gluten-free options which never disappoint.

5. Copper Branch; Newmarket, Ontario
This is a chain that has recently expanded into Newmarket. With one right near my work, and one by home, I love to hit up Copper Branch when I am too lazy to cook dinner. I never feel bad eating their Aristotle Bowl, because their Carrot Keftedes are gluten-free and so delicious.

6. Lil Brew Hops; Newmarket, Ontario
With so many vegan and gluten-free options, Lil Brew Hops has quickly become one of my favourite spots for dinner and brunch. I love brunch ... one of the reasons I really miss Toronto is because Sunday brunch was really our thing. So finding Lil Brew Hops was a saving grace for our new suburban life, and I love it even more because there are so many options for me to eat!

7. The Maid's Cottage; Newmarket, Ontario
The Maid's Cottage isn't a gluten-free restaurant, but they have some of the most delicious gluten-free baked good. Their gluten-free butter tarts are my favourite EVER. I also love the gluten-free bread they have as an option with their breakfasts. If you go, prepare to wait. They are a hot spot on Newmarket's Main Street because their breakfast is delicious and affordable. But it's well worth the wait!

8. Rawlicious; Markham, Ontario
The Rawlicious cookbook is one of my favourites on my shelf! But there is nothing better than having it made for you. I love visiting the Rawlicious in Markham. Growing up Rawlicious in Newmarket was one of my favourite spots for a girl's lunch, but when it closed I was heart broken. Since moving back to the suburbs and finding their newer location in Markham, I can safely say I get my raw, vegan, gluten-free fix every now and then.

9. MidiCi; Newmarket, Ontario
A great little pizza spot inside Market and Co. in Upper Canada Mall, their gluten-free pizza dough is hands down the most amazing gluten-free dough I have ever tried. For just $2 you can upgrade to gluten-free, and if I can make a suggestion ... try the Truffle and Prosciutto pizza, it's to die for. For a lower carb option, I also love their salads. They are large portions as well so you could even share a pizza and salad with your bestie or beau!

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