23 January 2019

Our Wedding: Invitations

We are having a VERY small wedding - like parents and siblings only! But just because we are having an intimate wedding, it doesn't mean I am going to skimp on the details. So I've decided to start a series of posts on our wedding plans, for a few reasons... 1. I don't want to forget all of the fun that comes with planning a wedding and 2. I really want to help support all of the amazing wedding vendors we have found by SHARING them with my readers.

Today's topic: Wedding Invitations

Invitations for our wedding were really important to me. I wanted them to be true to us as a couple, and also on theme with our wedding. I have spent years planning my fictitious wedding on Pinterest - even though I have always said I want to elope - so I have to get everything right. I scoured Pinterest, Etsy, Paperless Post, but ultimately found my invitation designer on a local Facebook group. I advertise my yoga classes weekly on a local "mom's" page, and as I scrolled through other ads one week, I found Amber!

Amber runs her own business, Always by Amber, (yay for local entrepreneurs!) and designs invitations, photo books and other event-related items selling mostly through her Etsy shop. I was so glad I found her ad on Facebook that day because when I visited her Etsy shop one of her designs was exactly what I was looking for. Rustic, yet elegant.

Our wedding is the perfect mesh of Tyler and I. It's very rustic and outdoorsy, but still fancy enough for me!

Here is the design I chose:

After finding Always by Amber, I decided I wanted to try to source most of my wedding vendors locally. I want to support other local entrepreneurs because I know how hard it can be to start and run a successful business. I thought a great way to support other locals was through our wedding.

Not only did Amber design our invites, but she is also designing some reception signage for me! I will include that in a later post.

Shoutout to Amber for also gifting me this adorable ring box! It is going to be the PERFECT ring box for our Ring Bearer to carry in our ceremony.

On the same Facebook page I found my cake designer! Stay tuned for information about our wedding cake in an upcoming post.

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