30 July 2018

Review: Sunday Riley “The Influencer” Foundation

I am always on the hunt for the next best foundation, so when I was browsing the aisles of Sephora looking through some of their new "clean" beauty brands and stumbled upon The Influencer, I had to try it. It's promise is to be clean, long-wearing foundation with medium-to-full coverage. Here's what I found...

The Feel
When I first applied it, the first thing I noticed was the feel. Before application, I thought it looked very pigmented and might be too heavy (especially in this current heat wave), but once it was on my skin it blended well and did not feel heavy at all. The colour was easy to match. I have become a pro at finding my match in foundation colours. Probably because I spend an hour a day inside various cosmetic stores trying out new products, reading ingredients and doing "research". 170 is a perfect match for my mid-summer skin tone. It didn't oxidize at all, but I did find my skin got pretty oily throughout the day -- probably because of the silicone in the product (more on that later).
The Look
I found there to be a very wide range of skin tones to choose from. I bought the 2nd one I tried on my arm and it happened to be a perfect match. My problem lies in that they say it's a medium-to-full coverage when it is more of a sheer-to-medium coverage in my opinion. I definitely needed cover up and setting powder with it, and in order to achieve even a medium-type coverage I had to layer it on quite a bit.
The Ingredients
Something I am really trying to encourage is for you to READ ingredients, and know what to look for. It's one thing to trust a company when they say their product is "clean" but just because you've removed Parabens or are free from animal testing doesn't mean a product is safe to use. This product claims to be free of Cyclopentasiloxine, synthetic fragrance, talc, gluten and Parabens. It is also cruelty-free. What is it not? It is not silicone-free (silica) and contains Dimethicone. The company claims that the silicone is mean to make your skin look fresh all day... but silicone is actually HORRIBLE for your skin. It creates a rubber-like barrier on your skin and traps oil and dirt sending it deep into your pores. This causes acne, and enlarged pores. So avoid any products with Dimethicone, Silica or any other form of silicone in the ingredients list!

The Bottom Line
I won't be buying a bottle of The Influencer. It's too bad because I was really excited that I found a true match for my skin tone so easily. But the right shade doesn't outweigh the ingredients, especially as someone very concerned about products which intensify my acne.

Tried it? Let me know what you think in the comments below...

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