19 July 2018

Clean Perfume

There are so many synthetics in fragrance that we purchase. Chanel, Tom Ford, Hermes... these are all brands I am guilty of purchasing AND LOVING. I must admit, perfume is the last of my products to switch to "clean." Mostly because I LOVE the look of beautiful designer fragrances on my vanity. The bottles are such a lovely touch to the decor in my walk-in, and even if I don't spray them, I will continue to collect them there.

I have been doing a lot of research lately on clean perfumes, aka perfumes derived from essential oils. And it turns out there are A LOT of them, which naturally makes me VERY happy! These too come in beautiful glass bottles. The only difference? The aren't harmful to your health.

I haven't tried many, but I already have a short list of favourites. My #1 of course being from my girl Gwynnie. I LOVE the Goop line and there is no stopping when it comes to their perfume. Make sure you go check it out at The Detox Market, it's to die for. So let's start...

#1. Edition 04 by Goop
Inspired by orchards, this scent is largely fill with aromas from apricots and hay - weird right? But it is the perfect balance of musk meets sweet, and has been my go-to scent since I discovered it.
Shop Edition 04 by Goop here.

#2. Desire by Pura Botanicals
You'll know exactly why I like this once I tell you what's in it. Grapefruit, other citrus notes, Bergamot and Lavender. All of my favourite things. Perfectly packaged in an affordable body mist.
Shop Desire by Pura Botanicals here.

#3. Melpomene [beautiful] by IME
An empowering (but not overpowering) scent, with hints of wood, musk and amber. The entire line of IME scents is inspired by various Muse's - courage, intuition, beauty, etc. They are lovely to layer or wear alone. This scent just happens to be my favourite from the Muse Collection.
Shop Melpomene by IME here.

#4. Joyful by My Daughter Fragrances
Jasmine and citrus make up this lethargic scent which brings you back to your childhood. It reminds me of days spent in my grandmother's backyard. I am proud to say My Daughter Fragrances are also Canadian (with a perfumery in France), they are also free of phthalates, paragons and colorants.
Shop Joyful by My Daughter Fragrances here.

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