13 June 2018

Safer, Cleaner Sunscreens with California Poppy Extract

This week the ALL NEW Countersun sunscreens start shipping out to everyone who preordered them! This has been a long time coming for us Canadians, since the US got theirs a few months ago. The good thing is... it's because Canada vigorously screens sunscreen to ensure its SPF really stands up to what it says it is going to do.
I preordered some Countersun Sunscreen Mist and am so excited for them to come. I had some smuggled to me from the US so I know exactly what I am waiting for, and let me tell you it is AMAZING and so worth the wait. This is the first sunscreen mist I have used that sprays on white but rubs in CLEAR. Not to mention the California Poppy extract which was added to the new formula and acts as an antioxidant and ultra moisture-surge for your skin.

The coolest part about this new sunscreen is it also protects against Blue Light damage. Blue Light is the light emitted from cell phone, tablet and computer screens - something many of us are guilty of staring at ALL DAY. Bet you didn't think THAT was harming your skin. But it is. And it's contributing to your skins overall health and aging process. Yuck!
If you're worried about the aerosol, stop your worrying! This mist is powered by compressed air and contains no aerosol or chemicals. Which means it's safe for YOU and the environment.

So shop CLEAN and SAFE sunscreen options HERE. And if you have any question, you know how to get in touch.


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