14 June 2018

My At-home Yoga Space

What I really wanted to do when I left the city, was create a personal yoga space. Away from the TV, away from distractions, and away from my dog (who by the way, loves to hog my mat). In the city I was so used to doing yoga in any crevice I could fit my mat. It was usually between the couch and the TV, between the bed and the wall, or in the middle of the kitchen! When we bought a bigger house I immediately started to think of ways I could create a personal space, which I will eventually turn into a private yoga studio.
When I first started dreaming up this space I had this idea to keep it local. Above is a snapshot of my original idea board, which I strayed from. Instead, I created a space full of my favourite things!
The final product is amazing. I can fit up to 3 mats in the space so I am really looking forward to sharing my space in the future with some private clients or small groups. But for now just one of my mats is in use.
I was definitely inspired by the patterns and colours in the fabric of my SamYoga Zafu Meditation Cushion. I wanted this piece to be the focal point of the room since it's the centre of the space, the centre of my practice and the spot where I spend most amount of time.
Building around the meditation cushion, I chose a new Saffron BYoga Everyday Mat to match perfectly. The Yoga Everyday Mat is my favourite mat to practice on. It is grippy in both hot and regular classes, and provides enough cushion to protect me from the hard surface of the floor.
I chose a lot of neutral and cool blue tones to keep the room feeling light and breathable. Elephants are my favourite animal. They are also good luck, and a symbol of strength. I think the coolest part of yoga is your ability to build strength through your core and your roots, regardless of your shape or size. A lot of people think of yoga as a workout. But it is so much more than that. It's about finding balance and building strength in both body and mind. This elephant reminds me that I am not on my mat to look a certain way, but to feel a certain way.
I am currently using my lucky elephant as a stand for my new business cards, which I personalized on Zazzle! I found the elephant at Homesense.
This wooden "namaste" sign was hand-painted by a talented #girlboss in British Columbia. I had shown my mom and sister-in-law one of her door signs back in the winter and by chance they stumbled upon the AllyBeth Design Co. booth at The Vintage Barn Market in Chilliwack, BC last April. I was lucky enough to have my mom bring this home for me. Check out the AllyBeth Design Co. Etsy store for SO MANY MORE adorable designs!
Of course I also have props handy. I am using SamYoga stretching straps to help with any flexibility issues, and a SamYoga eye pillow to rest my eyes during Savasana (see green floral eye pillow in previous photos). Read my previous post about SamYoga founder, and ultra-inspiring Girl Boss, Samantha Stephens to see why I love her products, and am so proud to see this Toronto-company doing so well. Her products are now available on well.ca one of my FAVOURITE online stores. By the way, she hand dyes a lot of her fabrics in her own home!

The purchased my yoga blocks at Homesense years ago, but Lululemon has some really cute blocks for a reasonable price right now. Blocks can be so helpful during your practice, to help build flexibility and in restorative sessions to stretch and invert your spine, especially after spending long days hunched in front of a computer screen.
I have so many amazing books which I am collecting to eventually start a Yoga Library for my clients. One of my favourite books is The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions which helps me look at life from a whole new perspective. (Read: Upside down!)
Another necessity in ANY yoga space is a mat cleaner. Your yoga mat can be a huge trap for bacteria. It's important to clean your mat with an essential oil-based cleaning spray after each practice. I especially love the scent of this one from Saje Natural Wellness.
Since yoga originated in India -- it's meaning in Sanskrit is literally "union" -- I thought it was important to have something made in India surrounding me. This macrame wall hanging was handmade in India and is so beautiful. You can find similar items here.

I hope you love my personal yoga space as much as I do. I can't wait to start sharing it with clients in the near future. And as I keep building on the space I will keep sharing through my Instagram, so be sure to follow along!



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  1. I love the local focus!! Such an inspiring, sustainably-minded idea. There really are so many amazing local and Canadian companies to support and so many I didn’t even know about. Thanks for the tips! FYI my Everyday B Mat changed my yoga life! Hope we can do a flow together sometime in the near future :)


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