12 June 2018

A Cleaner, Safer Home

I know a lot of people who make their own home cleaning products to avoid chemicals, but I'll be honest, I barely have time to make my bed. I am BUSY, and I am sure you are too. So I've done some research, lots of testing, and am now ready to share with you some of the best SAFE home cleaning products on the market. I've also linked to each of them so you can shop them online. (In case you're like me and avoiding stepping foot in real stores)

A Safer Alternative to Windex
Glass cleaner is one of the products I use most around the house. I use it to shine faucets, clean toothpaste splashes of mirrors almost every day, dust tv stands, tv screens, even my cellphone screen. I had to find a GOOD one that wouldn't leave streaks. I tried a few and decided that Attitude's Window and Mirror Cleanser did the best job. Best of all? It is available at Rexall and Foodland stores now, which means easy access to clean products!
Clean, Gentle Detergent
Ecomax, Ecomax, Ecomax. I say this because a small bottle goes a LONG way. One jug of Ecomax Laundry Detergent should last you 100 washes, which means you need a VERY LITTLE amount of product in order to do a load of laundry. New baby in the house? Choose unscented. But I personally love the Lavender scent. Another product that is easy to find. I usually buy it off well.ca but it can be found in most grocery stores now!
Non-Toxic Dish Soap
I think it's really important to remember that what we wash our dishes with eventually ends up in our food. So it's really important to choose a dish soap that is save enough to ingest. I choose Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid because we go through a lot of dish soap around here and I need something that is not only non-toxic, but also affordable. I also LOVE the Lavender Floral + Mint scent!
Countertop Cleaner
The Sapadilla Grapefruit + Bergamot Countertop Cleanser smells so good you WANT to clean. I find so much joy in wiping down my counters after a solid day of cooking. Nothing like a sparkly clean kitchen! What I like best is that it is safe to use on all non-porous surfaces including sealed granite and marble. The company markets it as "nose candy straight from Mother Nature" so you can imagine how good this stuff is!
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Think about every time you flush the toilet how many germs get into the air. Now think about every time you clean your toilet and then flush that blue stuff down. Not only is it getting into the water system, but it's also getting into the air you breathe. Use non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner for cleaner lakes and oceans, and cleaner breathing air for you and your family. I love the Lemon Aide Toilet Bowl Cleaner, which harnesses the power of essential oils to wash away hard water stains from your porcelain throne.
Safe Hand Soap
Think about how many times a day you wash your hands in public washrooms... it upsets me to think about all of the chemicals I unwillingly have to subject myself to. So at home I am very careful to choose CLEAN, non-toxic hand soaps. I love Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lavender Foaming Wash. I choose the Lemongrass scent for the kitchen! I also have these as body washes in my shower. I love the 2-in-1 factor, and love that this is a Canadian brand.

If you are interested in learning more, join me and Norwex Consultant, Brenda, this Thursday for a special Facebook LIVE event on Learning to Live Chemical-Free. Join our event HERE!

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