31 May 2018

Coming back to my WHY

I’m sitting in bed scrolling through my various social media feeds — something I promised myself I would stop doing when we moved *eye roll*. I can’t help but notice that my entire feed has become other Beautycounter consultants. It’s definitely a cool feeling that something that was meant to be a side gig has become such a big part of me.

But I also notice that their WHYS all seem to be different than mine. Almost all of the other consultants will say that as MOMS they became so aware of the ingredients in products (especially babycare products). And, that they were searching for cleaner brands to use on their children when Beautycounter fell in their lap.

My story is much different. For what feels like as long as I can remember I have struggled with acne. All of my acne is hormonal, and mostly fluctuates based on diet, stress and time of the month. The stress of my job over the past year and a half has caused my adrenals to burn out, my acne to flare up, my body to retain water (especially in the mid-section) and my mood to fluctuate - RAWR!

About 6 months ago I tried my first Beautycounter product. I contemplated trying the brand for about a year before finlly giving in. I was scared away by the price tag, which is silly because I was spending HUNDREDS on Kiehl’s and other brands from Sephora which contained SO many harsh chemicals. When I finally tried the first product I was hooked. I noticed a complete change in my skin after a few days of using the #3 Balancing Oil. Okay, my acne wasn't clear in a week, but I could see life and radiance again in my overall skin tone. I knew I just had to share these products with others.

I wouldn't say that "clean" living is new to my life. I have been teaching yoga for 6 years, eating clean for as long as I can remember (thanks Mom!), and have always been aware of the chemicals in products. But, I think that because I was struggling so bad with my skin I just didn't CARE about the toxins in my skincare products, I actually thought they might help clear my acne.

Fast forward 6 months now and our entire house is CLEAN, and I don't mean scrubbed clean, because that I can assure you that it is not! From soap, to detergent, even weed killer, we have completely adjusted our way of living. We are even trying to waste less!

I guess what I am trying to say today is that conscious consumerism is the best kind of consumerism. I'm not asking you to stop using products, I'm just saying that when you are finished with a product that may have questionable ingredients, replace it with one that you know is safe. You vote with your dollars and by choosing cleaner products you can be sure that companies will become more aware of their ingredients, production waste and even the packaging they use.

Your voice matters!
This year the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is undergoing review for the first time since 1999. This law governs chemicals and toxins in consumer products including personal care products. Please help by signing this petition asking Parliament to pass legislation and modernize the CEPA as soon as possible!

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