16 May 2018

Calling All Dance Moms: Clean Lipstick Choices

I so remember dance recital days. Prancing around in my tutu, an excuse to go without glasses and get dolled up. I remember the tight bun my mom would wrap my hair into, which always gave me a headache. And I remember the brightest red lipstick and blush being smeared onto my cheeks and lips. I also remember melting under the lights of the Markham Theatre throughout my entire performance. Of course I wasn't nervous, I didn't have my glasses and couldn't even see the crowd! The best part of course was the flowers at the end of my performance!

I guess the worst part of my childhood as a dance-daughter, was the fact that I didn't know it then that those lipsticks I was using (and inevitably licking off my lips!) were likely ridden with chemicals. And today I sit scrolling through my Instagram feed seeing photos from dance recitals of my friends' children and I can't help but wonder, "what kind of lipstick are they using?"
I know it sounds crazy but 25 years ago we had no idea the harm we were doing to our bodies using cosmetics that came from an unregulated industry. My Mom always bought high-end cosmetics, from the beauty counter at The Bay. It wasn't like she was using dollar store lipstick on her daughter. But even high-end brands can contain really scary ingredients.

Today we so lucky to know about the dangerous ingredients that are still allowed to be used in chemicals. Thanks to companies like Beautycounter, we are granted so much knowledge and research, which proves there are toxins in our cosmetics and personal care items and the long-term effects of them. And yet so many people choose to ignore these warnings and continue to use these "dirty" products.
As a former ballerina, and [hopefully] a future mother, I want to urge all my Momma followers to really read the labels before using products on your children. You can refer to the Never List for a list of ingredients to avoid and, if you need some suggestions for cleaner lipstick choices for your children's recitals you can view my favourite product here. (Warning: The colours really are INTENSE and PERFECT for dance recitals. My favourite red is "Girls' Night")


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