06 April 2018

Why I Chose Beautycounter

It’s been 2 months (yesterday) since I joined Beautycounter and the results have been overwhelming.

At first I was quite skeptical of even my own ability to share my love of a company with people as most MLM companies get eye rolls and backlash. Trust me, I get a lot of eye rolls and backlash, especially on Facebook, but it’s my love and trust in these products that keeps me going.
So why Beautycounter?
Well, many of you know that I try to live a clean, healthy, but balanced life. I am quite particular about what I eat, mostly due to food sensitivities and the impact my diet has on my skin, and am neurotic about physical activity (6 days a week or else!). When relaunching my yoga and wellness business after a 3-year hiatus I wanted more to offer my clients beyond the mat. The yoga practice goes beyond the mat and includes diet and self care practices which exclude toxins, whether they are from food, environment, personal care products...

I started out as a Beautycounter client before joining as a Consultant. I actually thought about becoming a Consultant for a year before finally making the plunge. For me, it is less about making extra money and more about educating and providing my clients, friends and family with safe products they can trust.

With Beautycounter you don’t need to read the label. I know that their team of experts have done the research and have omitted any ingredients they know to be harmful or have long-term heath effects. For example, we recently launched a new line-up of safe, long-lasting lipsticks which were testing 3 times for heavy-metal contaminants such as Lead, which can often be found in the pigments used in cosmetics. Yes, they tested then 3 times before they hit the market!
There are so many clean brands out there, trust me I try ALL of them. Many of them are amazing or having a few amazing products in their line-up. But what I love most about  Beautycounter is the consistency of quality in their products. I haven’t been let down by any of them. Of course some are simply not suited for my skin type, but there is a product in their lineup for every. single. one. of my needs—now if they can just get a men’s line already so I can get Tyler to switch!

If you think you'd be interested in some of what Beautycounter has to offer, check out the Beautycounter site here, and follow my VIP group on Facebook for updates on new products, sales and more!

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