02 April 2018

Festival Season Essentials

We're rollin' into festival season like...
One of my best memories is Coachella. It was such a bucket list adventure I had to take, so 4 years ago me and a couple ladies hit the tarmac (literally) and jetted off to Palm Springs for a long weekend. It was the best time, and in the next few years I plan on heading back for a StageCoach experience. But this time I will be better prepared. After 4 straight days in the sun I sure learned my lesson on what you need to survive a weekend of dancing, screaming and over-exposure to sand and sun.

Sun protection is so important, but over and over I hear about how toxic sunscreen is, and how the toxins in most sunscreens outweigh its benefits. I switched to the Beautycounter sunscreen before my last trip and I loved that it was 2-in-1. It was gentle enough to use on my sensitive acne-prone skin, and a big enough bottle for me to use for my whole body.

The active ingredient is Zinc, but it didn't go on white and absorbed very easily. I have found that many natural sunscreens are quite thick and hard to rub in. They often leave while residue on your skin and feel quite heavy. The Beautycounter sunscreen beats all of the other natural sunscreens as it is lightweight, not greasy and the price tag is really reasonable. For quick touch ups they have a really great small sunscreen stick for face which is perfect to use on the kids - who are always eager to get outside and don't always want to sit still while you apply sunscreen.

Shop sunscreen here.

Lip Balm
I'll save you my Flawless in 5 schpeal, and redirect you to a previous post of mine on how to look Instagram-ready in just 5 minutes. You'll thank me later when you wake up late after a late night party and have to hurry out the door to catch your favourite artist perform.

Instead, I am going to urge you to pack a lip balm for this trip. I can say it over and over, and no one ever believes me, but you're going to the desert. There is a reason why only cacti live in the desert. It's DRY. So pack some lip balm and you'll have kissable lips all weekend long. Beautycounter Lip Conditioner nourishes and protects lips using the power of shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil and meadowfoam seed oil

Shop Lip Conditioners here.

Dew Skin
Pool parties and dancing in the dessert, you shouldn't have to give up the glamour. But you also should not be wearing a heavy foundation. Let your pores breath but still look photo-ready with a tinted moisturizer. The Dew Skin tinted moisturized has an SPF 20 which provides sun protection while evening your skin tone. It is also infused with vitamin C and peony extract which reduce the appearance of age spots and promote brighter, more radiant skin.

Shop Dew Skin here.

After a long day of partying, you won't want have the energy for a full skincare regime. Use the Beautycounter One-Step Makeup Removing Wipes to whisk away the entire day of makeup and dust build-up. Oil-free with no added fragrance, these aloe-infused wipes remove EVERYTHING, even your hard to remove eye makeup, with no need to rinse. Rest easy knowing they are biodegradable and won't harm the environment.

Shop wipes here.

Facial Mist
Facial mists are a such a necessity in your festival bag for midday refreshes. It gets HOT out there, and it's super dry. So refresh your dry, sun drenched skin with a few mists throughout the day.

Beautycounter has 3 amazing facial mists; Brightening, Plumping and Balancing. My absolute favourite is the Balancing spray. It is great for anyone with combination/oily skin, and anyone who suffers from acne. If you have dryer skin, the Plumping Facial Mist is for you! It has peony extract which firms the skin and reintroduces moisture to dehydrated skin. The Brightening spray is perfect for aging skin. It reduces the appearance of age spots and promotes a brighter complexion. I'd say for mid-desert, the brightening or plumping are your best options!

Shop facial mists here.

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