16 April 2018

Clean Your Routine

I love when I hear from friends, family and clients who tell me they want to clean up their skincare routine. The first step is knowing you are using toxic ingredients, and the second step is reaching out and searching for cleaner, safer options. So to help those of you who are looking to clean up their routine I've created a short 3-step starter's guide for cleaning up your routine.
Step 1: Consider your "why?"
Why do you want to clean up your routine? Did you have an a-ha! moment, or has someone else encouraged you? Is it because you simply did not know before, and now you are more educated? Whatever your reason, I want you to know I am proud you are here today and I'd love to share my why with you. Once you discover a cleaner, safer routine and start to see all of its benefits, I have no doubt you'l want to share your why with everyone you know!

Step 2: Toss your toxic products.
This can be a very hard part of switching to cleaner products. We see the amount of money we have spent on harmful products and aren't always ready to just "toss" them. So don't! A great way to switch to cleaner products, is to start the swap product-by-product. What I have been doing with many of my clients is suggesting they switch to cleaner products the next time they finish their current products. Next time you need face wash, don't buy the same face wash, buy a toxin-free face wash. Is your deodorant almost done? Perfect, buy a clean deodorant such as Native this time. One-by-one you'll get to your clean beauty goals and I can help you find amazing products that are just as luxurious as your toxic ones!

Step 3: Build a clean, safer routine.
Toxin-free skincare has come a long way. For years I was trying "green" and "natural" products which were awful. The deodorants weren't effective, the face wash wasn't removing my makeup and the makeup wasn't applying how I wanted it to. Today, there are so many amazing brands on the market that are safe, toxin-free, and comparable to luxury brands such as YSL (which many of you know is an old favourite of mine that I have stopped using).

To give you one example, here is one of the best switches I have made:
Switching from YSL's Touch Eclat was something I didn't think was going to be possible. It has amazing coverage, goes on smooth and doesn't settle in creases. When I started selling Beautycounter one of the first products I tried was the Touchup Skin Concealer because I could resonate with the packaging (they look so similar!) and was hoping it would be just as good. And it is! The difference? Beauty counter's concealer is made without harmful toxins, and it's formulated with Knotgrass Extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and make skin appear brighter and more even.

If you need help switching to clean products, please reach out. I have so many favourite products and brands, and have done ALL of the research and testing so I can help my clients find a regime that will work for their needs, and on their budget!


  1. I use Native deodorant and love it!! I have tried a handful of other natural ones and hated them. Native works so well!! I’m also just about out of my foundation and would be interested in trying the one you use :)

    1. Hey Alysia! Thanks for the comment. I am so glad you love Native too, I am spreading the Native deodorant trend to everyone I know... so good! And I love that there are so many amazing scents to choose from.
      If you need a new foundation I suggest Tint Skin, you can shop it here: https://www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/seraozel?goto=cosmetics%2Fface%2Ftint-skin-hydrating-foundation.html


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