12 March 2018

Rescue Your Mascara with Lavender Oil

Happy Monday! I know the beginning of the week for me always requires a little more mascara, a lot more under eye concealer and an extra shot of espresso. The weekend is NEVER long enough. So this morning while I was putting on my mascara and I noticed it was starting to get clumpy, I was nothing short of grumpy. I am sure you can all relate. We spend $40 on a tube of mascara and it doesn't even last 3 months.

Well I have got a trick for you. Lavender essential oil! I put a drop of lavender oil into my mascara today, swirled it around and voila!, it was fixed. It had thinned out, the brush wasn't clumping together anymore and it was back to providing me voluminous lashes!

But wait! There is more. Not only does Lavender Oil extend the life of your mascara. It also has cleansing properties which can eliminate mites and bacteria that could be growing inside that dark tube, it helps promote lash growth and strengthens your lashes.

Win, win win! Try it for yourself and let me know how it works.
If you are looking for healthy a mascara option, try the Beautycounter Volumizing or Lengthening mascaras. They are formulated with natural iron oxides which is what provides the rich black colour. Iron oxides are healthy ingredients to use around the sensitive eye area. Beautycounter mascara's are free of carbon black, an ingredient in most drugstore mascaras.

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