07 March 2018

Hormonal Acne Routine

Trust me, I know how it feels. I have struggled with hormonal acne for years. I am not saying I can clear this for you, but I do have some suggestions that have helped improve MY skin. And if you are anything like me, you'd try just about ANYTHING to achieve clear skin.

First of all, I think what we eat plays a huge role in how our hormones are disrupted and set off course. We as a society, consume far too much sugar and processed food. So first things first, stop it with the junk food! The first thing you will notice when you clean up your diet is an immediate increase in energy, your skin will clear and have more radiance, and you will start to lose weight... and feel great! (haha! I had to!) Eat lots of greens, stay hydrated, exercise and get plenty of rest.

As for your beauty routine, it's time to clean that up too! What we don't realize is a lot of ingredients in our personal care items also contain hormone disruptors. One of the most common hormone disruptors are PARABENS (anything listed in the Ingredients that ends in -parabens) and fragrance.

Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics to prevent mould and bacteria. They mimic Estrogen in the body and can throw your whole system into a state of confusion. Excess Estrogen in women has been linked to triggering various forms of cancer, most commonly Breast Cancer.

Fragrance is a funny little guy you find in almost ALL cosmetics...even ones you THINK are safe. There is little regulation around the use of fragrance in cosmetics. It is a trade secret, so companies don't have to disclose which chemicals make up the scent in a product. It can even mean dozens or HUNDREDS of chemicals.

Whether you are struggling with hormonal acne or not, it's important to read the labels of everything you buy to avoid any further hormone imbalance (and of course prevent cancer). I recommend reviewing The Never List for a full list of ingredients to avoid.

Beautycounter is one of very few brands which have BANNED the use of parabens AND synthetic fragrance in all of their products. They have actually banned the use of 1,500 ingredients which are proven to cause a multitude of health problems. Today, I am just focusing on parabens and fragrance as a part of my intention to help those who struggle with hormonal acne.

I am going to share with you my morning and evening routine.

Cleanse (AM/PM)

Use the Nourishing Cream Cleanser to cleanse your skin morning and night. This cleanser is coconut oil-heavy which helps remove makeup (even eye makeup!) seamlessly, and witch hazel, which helps tone the skin.

Tone (AM/PM)
Close your eyes and lightly spritz your skin with the #3 Balancing Facial Mist. The charcoal and clay in this product help reduce redness, stop oil production and calm breakouts. This can also be used as a makeup setting spray!

Treat (PM only)
Treat pimples with Tea Tree Oil. If you have roll-on Tea Tree Oil, lightly roll over the pimple to treat. If you do not have a roll-on, dip a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and dab lightly. Tea Tree Oil has purifying properties which help heal and dry out pimples.

Mask (1-3 times per week)
The #3 Balancing Facial Mask is so nutrient-rich, it purifies and balances while drawing out impurities. Charcoal minimizes the appearances of pores, while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation for radiant, clear skin. This can also be used as an overnight spot treatment!

Stay tuned to my Instagram this March for an upcoming contest where you can WIN a free full-sized Balancing Facial Mask!!! You have to FOLLOW to win :)

Balance (PM only)
If you ask me, this is the most important step AND the product I notice making the biggest difference to my skin. I spent weeks playing tricks on my skin to see which products are affecting my skin the most, and the nights I don't use the #3 Balancing Facial Oil are followed by the saddest mornings. The Balancing Facial Oil is a blend of seven lightweight, natural oils which help smooth the skin, restoring the skins natural balance and clearing up acne and acne scars. A lot of people with acne think they have oily skin so they avoid face oils. This is a very common misconception, and often oil production is caused by over-drying the skin. Your skin creates more oil to try and protect itself from drying products. Make oil your friend and restore your skins natural ability to produce oil as needed. This product would be considered my own personal MIRACLE WORKER.

Moisturize (AM/PM)
Moisturizing is another very important part of your skincare routine--who am I kidding, every step is important. Many people do not buy targeted day and night creams, and if you think you are fine to use the same for day and night, go ahead. I prefer to use day creams in the morning because they are typically lighter and easier to layer under makeup. Night creams are thicker and heavier, and are meant to be absorbed throughout the night as you rest--it's called beauty rest for a reason.

The Rejuvenating Day and Night creams are great for acne-prone skin, and also for those worried about preservation. If you notice your skin is starting to age, now is the time to start introducing anti-aging products into your regime. A combination of omega and vitamin-rich oils hydrate and brighten skin, while flower extracts help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

That's all for today! I hope this information helps and I hope you find comfort in knowing you are not alone in your struggle with acne. If you want to talk about anything I have discussed today please feel free to contact me. And, if you have any questions or other concerns unrelated to acne, again, please contact me! I look forward to helping you achieve your skin goals!

xo, Sera

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