23 March 2018

Get Ready for Summer with Herbivore

Summer is my favourite season. I love the light airy clothes, the way I can leave my hair to dry naturally in the sun, and of course the fact that I can show some skin - and get some sun!

But it's been a long winter and I am going to need the ENTIRE spring season just to get my skin back to being summer-ready. It's been hidden behind abrasive fabrics, and of course it's dry from the horrible winter air conditions.

Luckily, I have my collection of Herbivore Botanicals to help rescue my winter skin and get it ready for summer. I buy all of my Herbivore products from Well.ca, but Sephora is also an Herbivore retailer here in Canada. All Herbivore products are made with high quality, non-toxic ingredients. No fillers and nothing unnecessary. Seattle-born, I basically consider it Canadian ;) It might just be the simple branding, but there is something about these products that got me hooked before I even tried them.

If you haven't tried them yet, come along and I'll show you how to get summer-ready skin in no time...

This Coconut Milk Soak is good for even the most sensitive skin. It’s hydrating properties are out if this world, and would also benefit you after a day of extreme sun exposure. But after a long winter it’ll seep into pores and loosen up some of the driest skin, prepping it for exfoliation!

If you want to smell like a rose garden, this is the scrub for you. The Coco Rose Scrub is a coconut oil based polish scented with hydrating rose water. You’ll want to use this every day. But don’t. Only exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

After every shower replenish moisture with the Jasmine Body Oil. When your pores are still open from a warm shower oils and moisturizer are more likely to set in rather than sit on top of the skin all day. This body oil does not leave you feeling greasy, which is why I love it so much.

Treat - After Shave
I haven’t exactly figured out if Herbivore meant for this to be a men’s product or not. But either way I love it. I spritz Post Shave on my legs and bikini line after I shave to eliminate the chance of razor burn and post-shave rashes. Have I ever mentioned how sensitive my skin is? haha. It does smell quite manly though .... which is why I digress back to my initial point of this being a “men’s product”.

Treat - After Sun
If you’re planning on taking a last minute end if winter trip—I know the deals this time of year are hard to pass up—you are going to need After Sun. Don’t forget to moisturize after being in the sun all day. (And please wear sunscreen!!!) The sun is the leading cause of aging. Take care of your skin and rehydrate after a day of sun exposure. You’ll love this product all summer long!

Lip Care
There is always a focus on hydrating our skin but we always forget about our lips. My lips are usually the most “wrecked” after a long, cold winter. I use the Coco Rose Lip Conditioner all year round now to avoid the dry flaky lip look. Another product you’ll want to roll into summer with!


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