24 January 2018

The Dirt: Organic Tampons

An easy switch you can make with virtually no dent in your wallet, is to organic tampons. I am starting this series off with the products I find to be the most toxic and most important to switch. So if you switch nothing else but you switch your deodorant and tampons I will be SO happy and SO proud!

There are so many brands on the market but in a Target store last August these Honest boxes caught my eye. I actually thought they were tissue boxes! I grabbed a box without thinking, paid and went home. When I got home I realized I had bought TAMPONS! *blush*

Fast forward and now I don't buy anything BUT organic tampons. I haven't been able to find the Honest brand of organic tampons in Canada but the website does ship here! I have been buying Natracare for years but if I was in a rush and couldn't find organic brands, I would just grab Tampax.

Little did I know, regular tampons are made with cotton, which is grown using pesticides and bleached in the production process, and mixed with Rayon, which has been bleached and whitened (using Chlorine), and has added fragrances - to, well, keep scents at bay down there! Chlorine contains Dioxin which is an endocrine disruptor and has been linked to endometriosis. Organic tampons are made with organic cotton, which is pesticide-free, and contain no chemicals or fragrances.

The cost between a box of Tampax tampons and a box of Natracare tampons is virtually the same. A box of Tampax (18 count) at Shoppers is 7.99 (44 cents per tampon) and a box of Natracare (16 count) is 7.99 (49 cents per tampon). Just sayin'...

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