09 September 2021

Gifts for new and expecting moms

I get this question a lot, “my friend is expecting, what’s a good gift for her?” and I always have so many ideas. When I was pregnant and first had Brooks so many of our family and friends brought over the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts. Then of course spending countless waking hours scrolling the internet while breastfeeding I found some gems of my own. Instead of listing out all of my ideas every time someone asks, I thought I’d start a post with some of my ideas and invite you to share in the comments if you have any more (comments are monitored and must be approved by me before being seen by the public!)

Here are my suggestions for gifts for new and expecting mamas:

The Food Doula cookbook is so amazing for expecting and new mothers who want realistic recipes that nourish the pre and postpartum body. This is a great cookbook for meal prepping before baby is born, and for keeping up with eating nutritious food even once baby arrives. If you don’t already, follow Lindsay on Instagram for even more inspiration to eat well even when you’re tired and busy!

The How to Eat with One Hand cookbook is the perfect gift for new parents or parents of multiples. This book was recommended to me when Brooks was just days old after I complained that he wouldn’t let me put him down. So often I find myself cooking or eating while rocking, bouncing or carrying him, and this book is such a cheeky way to inspire new parents to keep eating well while raising littles.

The Relaxation Room diffusing set by Saje contains one of my favourite oil blends “stress release” which I actually had with me (in an inhaler) during labour. This scent is meant to invoke calmness and when diffused can help you through even the most stressful situation. I love this set for new parents because there is truly nothing more stressful than the first few weeks of parenthood. This plus a nice new cord-free diffuser (I need to get myself one of those!) is such a great gift idea!

A subscription for Live Fit Foods (or any food delivery service) is such a nice help for new parents. When we had Brooks we didn’t cook for weeks thanks to our family and friends dropping off meals. It was the most thoughtful and helpful gift anyone could have given us. We are so thankful for those ready made meals which made it that much easier to focus on our newborn baby.

The Pregnancy Skin Kit by SoKind is the most amazing set of skincare meant specifically for postpartum bodies. Masks, creams and serums help to hydrate skin so that the itchiness of stretching skin doesn’t drive you crazy, and you minimize any stretch marks you might get. I for one am a huge fan of their belly sheet masks. They are cooling and hydrating and really helped with the itchiness I was experiencing especially in the third trimester when my belly was just massive!

A Waffle Knit Robe by Knix will get so much use in the pre and postpartum phase. I bought one of these when I was pregnant and wore it in the hospital and for months after having Brooks while we navigated breastfeeding. In the middle of the night this is so helpful when I am changing him before a feeding. The fabric is so nice and soft and the fit is perfect for any body.

Other ideas:

• a good under eye cream (my fav here!) and jade roller

• Bebe Knows Best gift boxes (which I shared here)

• some magazines or a new best selling book

• a postpartum care package with balms, sprays, soaks and teas (Earth Mama products are my fav!)

• lactation cookies (I love Booby Boons!)

• homemade protein balls for easy snacking (I will share an amazing recipe in my Instagram stories under the “RECIPES” highlight)

• Arbonne fizz sticks, for a jolt of energy without the heart palpitations 

Have any other great ideas, or want to promote your small business? Leave a comment, and I’ll review it for posting shortly!


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