27 July 2021

The benefits of baby wearing

I've been wearing Brooks with my Beluga Baby wrap carrier for over two weeks now. He's a needy baby and loves his mama! It was getting overwhelming not being able to do anything since he was always sleeping on my chest, but he was too small to use in a carrier. When he finally seemed big enough, I gave the Beluga Baby wrap a try and it was an instant success. Now we're inseparable, and I can get so much done! But there are more benefits to baby wearing that just getting some free time back! 

Here are a few benefits:

1. It makes going places easier. Without the added bulkiness of a stroller, you can visit busy places (or inaccessible places) much more freely.

2. It keeps people from touching your baby! Especially now, this is very important. Also a lot of people don't understand how fragile newborns immune systems are, so ward off those crazies who touch and kiss your baby by wearing him!

3. It's soothing. For mom and baby -- haha! Just kidding ... but in all seriousness wearing your baby is very soothing for your little one. They feel your warmth and can listen to your heartbeat, reminding them of the safe space they once took up in your belly.

4. It prevents flat head! Everyone is concerned about their baby needing to wear a helmet! I think the helmets are cute, but I understand your concern. Avoid flat head by wearing your baby more and laying them flat on their back less.

5. It also helps prevent digestion and therefore reduces colic. When a baby is upright they can digest more quickly avoiding reflux which can create a cranky/colicky baby!

6. You can get things done! Like chores around the house -- with both hands free! I personally enjoy cooking and cleaning while wearing Brooks and he usually naps in the Beluga Baby!

7. It's a great way to bond! This is possibly my favourite reason to baby wear. It's true, the closer your baby is to you, the better for bonding. If you breastfeed you already get a lot of quality time with your baby, but if you are unable to or choose not to breastfeed, baby wearing is a great way to get bonding time with your little!

8. It's been proven to reduce postpartum depression (PPD). Probably because having them strapped to you is quite possibly the best feeling in the world! How could you not think so?!

Made in Canada, the Beluga Baby bamboo wrap carrier is the comfiest, eco-friendly wrap. With so many to choose from it's hard to pick just one! I'm wearing the "Jessica" wrap in these photos, which is a beautiful dark heather green. You can shop Beluga Baby wraps here, and find them on Instagram here.

Here is a great reel on how to tie your wrap and safely carry your baby. I promise it gets really easy after a few wears!

If you use a Beluga Baby (or any wrap!) already, share your experience in the comments below OR on my baby wearing Instagram post here! xo


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