14 March 2021

Early pregnancy must-haves

My first 17 weeks of pregnancy were hard, I won’t lie. Morning (or all-day) sickness can take a toll on you, but throughout my entire first trimester (plus some!) I took notes of everything that helped make those rough weeks a little easier.

Here are my first trimester must-haves:

Lululemon Align leggings - I’ve been a big fan of these leggings for years, but the moment I found out I was pregnant I ordered 2 more pairs in a size up. Pregnancy, even early on, can bother your tummy and you won’t want to wear anything tight around your waist for a long time. I recommend these leggings and I recommend sizing up for ultimate comfort. They will stretch with you during your pregnancy!

Wire-free bras - Similar to your stomach, basically anywhere on your torso will begin to feel uncomfortable fairly early on. I found wired bras gave me horrible acid reflux and the minute I changed to looser, wire-free bras I began to feel better. I recommend the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bras. I figured since I was going to need nursing bras anyways, buying these early would help get my money's worth. They are SO comfortable, I will probably buy the non-nursing version when I am done nursing!

Tums and Ginger Gravel - I was nauseous day and night beginning around week 5 of my pregnancy. Now that I am further along I am only really nauseous when I'm hungry. But during the really tough days I found Ginger Gravol really helped with my nausea, and before bed I always take a Tums because I still get really bad acid reflux from eating before bed (something you need to do to get maximum sleep in otherwise you will wake up several times to eat in the night).

A giant water bottle (and lots of ice) - It’s critical that you stay well-hydrated during pregnancy. Not only is this optimal for you and baby, but it’s also really helpful with nausea / morning sickness. I found drinking from a straw allowed me to drink the most amount of water, and the colder the water the better. I love my massive Starbucks tumbler! I also love adding Nuun Hydration vitamin tabs to my water for a little extra flavour!

Smoothie packs - Ice cold smoothies are an excellent way to get tons of nutrients and feel good! It’s exhausting the first few weeks of pregnancy, and honestly even making a smoothie was overwhelming for me. I started to rely on Evive smoothie packs (I like the flavours Yogi, Viva and Samourai) as they’re super easy and very delicious. Just pop the smoothie packs into a mason jar, fill with a milk of your choice (I chose oat milk), way 20 mins stir and enjoy. For an even smoother consistency I would pop mine in the Vitamix for a few seconds.

Pregnancy pillow - Aches and pains start early, and so does the overwhelming worry about HOW you’re sleeping. Note: side sleeping is best, on your left side is even more optimal. A pregnancy pillow helped me have the most comfortable sleep and allowed me, someone who normally sleeps on her back or stomach, to become a side sleeper. I recommend this one.

Heating pad and / or Magic Bag - Welcome lower back pain, neck pack, groin pain. All the pains. Tyler bought me a heating pad for my birthday and it was a lifesaver. I also have two Magic Bags, one for my lower back and one for my neck. I love these so much as you can control how hot they get, and then can be a huge help for localized aches and pains. I recommend this heating pad, and these are the Magic Bags I have: square and long.

Pregnancy-safe skincare - This was never something I thought I had to worry about, but you forget how many toxins and chemicals can be in our personal care items. I ended up switching to all Beautycounter products for my first trimester of pregnancy because they are totally pregnancy safe, chemical free and retinol-free. Moving into my second trimester I felt more comfortable switching to a few cheaper Rocky Mountain Soap Co. products. I also invested in their baby care products! I love love love this brand, they are Canadian, clean, they are truly committed to the environment and their products seriously kick a$$!

Crackers and granola bars for beside the bed - This might seem unusual, but talk to anyone who suffered from morning sickness and they will tell you they ALWAYS had snacks with them. I carried multiple bars in my purse at all times (Kind and Made Good are still my go-to brands!) and always had Premium Plus crackers beside the bed. You will wake up so hungry and nauseous in the morning, if you don't eat something right away you will be sick (that was the case for me anyways!) so I always woke up and had some crackers and a granola bar before heading downstairs for another breakfast.

Stretch mark cream or oil - I am currently working on another blog all about my favourite belly creams, oils and butters. Yep, I tried a few! As your stomach stretches you will feel itchy and uncomfortable. Finding a cream or oil that helps with this, and nourishes your skin so you can hopefully avoid or reduce the number of stretch marks, will be a critical part of your pregnancy!

Gum and sour candy - I don't know what it is about pregnancy but you get this really gross taste in your mouth ALL THE TIME. It's probably partly due to being sick all the time, and also from dehydrating. Regardless, I recommend carrying gum with you and I also found great success in Preggie Pop Drop sour candies! They weren't cheap, but they helped with nausea and the icky taste in my mouth!


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