07 October 2019

Better Beauty Gift Guide - Holiday 2019

It's hard to believe that it's early September and I'm starting a gift guide, but the reality is that most people are finished their holiday shopping BEFORE December. I am one of those people. I like to go into the holiday season without any stress, and I don't dare go near a mall during the month of December.

Another reality is that many people are moving to online shopping to complete their holiday shopping. Probably because time has become so valuable, they don't want to be spending time battling crowds and circling parking lots for an empty spot. I feel ya. I used to work in retail and December was my nightmare!

That's why I created a one-stop-shop this year with better beauty essentials for EVERYONE on your shopping list. Seriously, this year's holiday products are AMAZING, and so many of my favourites are available in AMAZING, limited edition sets at GREAT prices.

For the Mom-to-be
Body Butter Trio or Fresh Faced Trio
I don't know from experience, but from what I hear pregnancy can be pretty hard on a woman's body and self-esteem. So some nicely scented body butters (combat dry skin and stretch marks!) and fresh face essentials seem like a no brainer when it comes to shopping for a Mom-to-be.
The Fresh Faced Trio comes with three amazing clean beauty products for an easy flawless look. Brilliant Brow Gel, Lengthening Mascara and a Jelly Lip Gloss in "Sorbet."

For the New Mom
Bright Eyes Treatment Set and Baby Bundle
Let's be honest, new momma's have two things they worry about ... sleep deprivation and the well-being of their newly born child. Kill two birds with one stone this Christmas and get every new mom you know both the Bright Eyes Treatment Set AND the Baby Bundle so both of their worries are taken care of. New Dad's TAKE NOTE!

For your Mom and Mother-in-law
CounterTime Regimen, Glow + Go Mini Oils or Rosewood Lip Trio
The CounterTime Regimen has been the most sought after product since it's launch in the summer. After a few weeks of using it, I know why. Its Retinatural complex (it's Retinol-free) uses two of the most powerful plant-derived ingredients to provide skincare results that compare to Retinol, but without the harmful effects.
If you're looking for something a little less expensive for your Mom or Mother-in-law, I recommend the Glow + Go Mini Oils set, it's a hit with pretty much everyone I gift it to. Pair this with some lip products (I love the Rosewood Lip Trio) and Mom will be GLOWING!

For your Sister or Bestie
Pout Perfector Lip Care Set or Bright Eyes Treatment Set
For this, I thought about the two products that I really wanted when I was first introduced to Holiday 2019 and these two products came to mind. First of all I was obsessed with the under eye masks last year so I was very excited to see these products return for 2019, and with the CounterTime Eye Cream, this set is a STEAL. The Pout Perfector Lip Care Set stood out to me because it has one of my favourite products (Lip Conditioner) but in a stick format, as well as a lip polish -- something I've been dying for Beautycounter to make!
So basically what I am saying is, because I want these, it's likely your sister, sister-in-law or best friend also wants it!

For Colleagues, Teachers or Caregivers
Hand Cream Trios and Mini Lip Gloss Vault
I recommend buying a few sets of hand cream trios, as well as the mini lip gloss vault (or the Jellies), and creating adorable gift sets tied together with twine (similar to the photo below). They have been my go-to gift for the past two years, and I am not about to stop this year. They've been such a hit with my colleagues, and I am sure anyone you need to buy for (work friends, boss, teachers, etc.) will love them as well!

For the Men in your life
Counterman Carry-on and Peppermint Lip Conditioner
This carry-on set is a great way to introduce men to safer, better beauty. This travel-sized set is perfect for travel, a gym bag or just as a way to make the men in your life fall in love with these incredible products. Need a clean swap of Blistex Lip Medex? I love introducing Blistex fans to the Peppermint Lip Conditioner; Infused with Peppermint Essential Oil, this toxin-free lip balm hydrates and smoothes lips for all day comfort.

For the Travel Addict
Travel Companion Set
Where was this set before I left on my 3-week honeymoon with JUST a carry-on? I honestly think this set should be available year-round, but since it's not I always stock up every Holiday season AND be sure to gift it to all of my travel-addicted friends. It contains four of the most deliciously-scented bath products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion) in TSA-approved sizes perfect for anyone on-the-go!

Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens
The Jellies and Starlight Eyeshadow Palette
Remember Lancome Juicy Tubes? When I was a teen (and in my 20s) they were all the rage. I was delighted to see the Jellies this holiday season because they give me a little sense of nostalgia, but I also love that Beautycounter is making products that are great for Teens and Tweens, because clean beauty education should start early.
The Starlight Eyeshadow Palette is also amazing for anyone just getting into make-up because it's got a wide variety of shades for a natural, or evening look. But let's be honest, this palette is amazing an I will definitely be buying it for myself, so really it's great for just about anyone who likes makeup!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids
Splashtime Kids Set
This set is valued at $128 so it's an incredible value to buy it in this sweet gift box. Similarly, you could buy the products individually, but WHY when the set is this great of a deal? Kids love this no-tears duo, and the towel is super soft. It's a great way to introduce clean beauty at a young age!

Is that everyone? If not, message me and I can help you find something for whomever I missed. I promise you I have something for everyone.

Please note: Since I am writing this prior to the official public Holiday 2019 launch, because I will be on my Honeymoon on launch day, links will not be embedded until I return. Until then please shop via my personal website here.

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