04 September 2018

Summer Memories

There is something so somber about the last long weekend of Summer. It's like it almost instantly starts to smell like Fall outside, and everything seems to slow down. I am not saying the slow down isn't needed (it is! I am TIRED!) but I could definitely use the warm weather all year round.

We had a pretty incredible Summer -- as always. Here are some of the highlights:

We bought a new house!!!

We went on the annual Sherwin family camping trip - my 4th year!

We visited a Lavender farm in Prince Edward County!
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And, celebrated some soon-to-be wifeys!

We had countless pool parties with so many amazing friends!

Colby turned 6!

My mom turned “29” so we took a road trip to Buffalo to celebrate!


Wes turned TWO!

BRING ON FALL!<3 p="">

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