09 August 2018

Safer Beauty for Men

When I started this journey with Beautycounter I hadn't considered that men would be a part of my clientele, and then I started getting A LOT of questions about safer skincare products for men, by men. I thought maybe some women would want to purchase products for their husbands / boyfriends / kids, but I had forgotten completely about half of my possible clientele. Which is surprising given my brother's attentive personal hygiene routine. So this post goes out to my Bro, who is particularly fond of an "okay" brand I refuse to mention (haha!) and who I really want to convert to Beautycounter - muahaha!

First up, a Cleanser. One of my best sellers for men is our Charcoal Bar. It is particularly great at targeting acne and clearly up clogged pores. I also think it's a great addition to a gym bag, because those after-gym showers are really important. Ensure you're rinsing any post-workout sweat and dirt from your body to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. Nobody wants to deal with b-acne.
If there is one thing I know about men, it's that they HATE the feeling of a heavy, greasy cream - whether it be for hands, body or face. I always suggest the Nourishing Day Cream as the perfect moisturizer suitable for men, day and night. Because y'all are much simpler beings than women, I know you don't want two different creams, and I also know you don't want anything too heavy. So this cream is PERFECT for you!

I know a few guys who really like cooling eye creams. I owe this to Gerard Butler for the old L'Oreal Men's anti-fatigue eye roller commercials - if Steph is reading he knows exactly what I am talking about. I would suggest the Nourishing Eye Cream for men because it has a really nice cool feeling to it, and helps to moisturize and wake up tired eyes.
Mists aren't just for women. Toners reset the skin's pH after cleansing and are crucial for absolutely EVERYONE. They are also a great addition to your gym bag for a post-workout refresher. The Balancing Facial Mist seems to be the best seller for my male clients, likely because of the black (and very manly!) bottle. But, I like to think it's because it's just THE BEST at balancing out combination or oily skin (psst! I use it too!).
I almost always try to get Tyler to do face masks with me. To this day he has only ever allowed me to use one mask on him and it was an aloe sheet mask after a bad sunburn on vacation. Needless to say he hasn't tried the Charcoal Face Mask but if he did he would be obsessed. It has a minty, tingling feeling which is so refreshing, and it works quickly to draw out dirt from your pores. You can actually SEE it sucking out the grime from your pores, which I think is the reason why men like it - guys like gross stuff, right?
Sun protection seems to be a lost cause on most men. I, however, consider it one of the most important parts of a skincare regime. In order to prevent premature aging, sun spots and GASP! skin cancer, it's important to wear at least SPF30 every day ... even on cloudy days! I have thrown a travel-sized bottle of the Beautycounter Countersun Lotion into Tyler's golf bag in hopes that he actually uses it when he is outside for long periods of time!
Switching from Blistex to the Beautycounter Lip Conditioner was the BEST, most expensive decision I have ever made. After I learned about the chemicals in drugstore brands of lip products, and considering how much of it get ingested (I mean, it's hard to avoid when they are literally ON your lips) I had to make the switch, and then I had to convince every person I knew to also make the switch. I think the fact that it comes in Peppermint helps the men get over the pretty packaging... plus the fact that it makes their lips feel buttery soft.

So there you have it! We DO have some amazing SAFE products for men. All of the Beautycounter skincare products are 100% unisex, and of course do NOT contain any of the harsh chemicals listed in our Never List. In fact, Beautycounter has banned 1,500 ingredients from their products to ensure only the safest, most effective ingredients grace your skin.

Today I highlighted some of the bestselling items my male clients LOVE! If you have any questions, or need suggestions, reach out via Instagram or using the Contact Me form to the right of this post :)

xo, Sera

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