11 April 2018

Journaling for Self-Care

Last week I went to see Jenn Pike, Founder of The Simplicity Project, speak about digestive health and hormone balancing at Nature's Emporium. As I sat there listening to her speak I was making mental notes about all of the changes I need to make in my life, and things I have to start doing regularly if I want to start seeing changes in my overall health. I walked out with a wealth of new knowledge, and a list of about 10 daily "to-do's" for self-care, but no idea how I could turn them into routine. It's so easy to make a to-do list, but it's another thing to hold yourself accountable and actually do it.

In recent weeks I have been seeing more and more of my friends journaling, often using the 5-Minute Journal - which is such a great way to get started in appreciating what you have and manifesting what you need. I also read an amazing blog post by Joyous Health on how to start journaling, which you can read here. Journaling is not a new thing or a trend, it's just something that is being talked about more openly now. Aside from all of it's amazing benefits, my favourite part about journaling is its' ability to help you appreciate every moment.
I have goals that some might fight silly, like "take a daily probiotic", or "blog 3 times a week"... and then I have bigger goals such as "register for the Holistic Nutrition course". So in an effort to start summer off with a bang (it's still freezing here in Toronto!), and find more time for self-care, I am starting the 21-Day Joyous Journaling Challenge on April 15, and hope you'll join me. You can buy it online here (and there is an option to purchase one of her adorable journals as well!).

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my findings from the Journaling Challenge through my Instagram, so be sure to follow along. I'll leave you with this: How do you want to change your tomorrow?

"Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for who you want to be tomorrow" - anonymous


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