05 March 2018

10 New Ways to Use Cleansing Balm

We call it a girl's best friend. This miracle worker has so many uses, and at $89 it's one of our best sellers. Why? Because it is an all-in-one product, and the reality is everyone wants a multi-purpose product when they are shelling out a hundred dollars for it. What is it? The Beautycounter Cleansing Balm.

Formulated with no harsh chemicals, but rather raspberry and cranberry seed oils, this product melts into your skin, removing makeup but not stripping your skin's natural oils.

Other uses we've discovered along the way?

1. Over-night hydrating mask
2. 10-minute radiance boosting mask
3. Heel balm; heals cracked skin
4. Overnight lip treatment
5. Acne spot treatment
6. Heals burns
7. Helps with rosacea and eczema
8. Under-eye treatment
9. Cheek highlighter
10. Baby balm

Shop the Cleansing Balm here.

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